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Tuscon Sunset February 15, 2017
Napa Valley Register
“Looking for the sun? Try Tuscon”
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Spa December 4, 2016
Napa Valley Register
“French Immersion: The sensuous — and healthy! — spas of France”
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Lure of the train December 4, 2016
Napa Valley Register
“The lure of the train”
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Sardine Lake  August 19, 2016
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
“High Sierra lakes are a cure for urban life’s blues”
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village Talloires July 3, 2016
Napa Valley Register
“One of France’s best-kept secrets: The village of Talloires in the Rhône Alps”
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San Diego Beach Getaway  February 19, 2016
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
“Getaway: Unwind with a San Diego beach vacation”
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Cirinos January 25, 2016
Napa Valley Register
“Discover some hidden gold in Nevada County’s burgeoning food scene”
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December, 2015
TRAVEL Features and Photos “A Glittering Nugget of California’s Past: The Empire Mine in the Sierra Foothills” Click image for article (PDF download 750k)
Sierra Heritage cover December 2015
Sierra Heritage Magazine
“The Empire Mine”
(This Sierra Heritage article is temporarily unavailable online.)
coyote November 26, 2015
The Union Newspaper “Yosemite off-Season: Wonder, Beauty, and
Lots to Do” Click image for article
Empire Mine August 21, 2015
Santa Rosa Press Democrat “Getaways: The Empire Mine in Grass Valley” Click image for article
France Today Cover June 20, 2014
FRANCE Today “Retracing the Steps of Our Personal World War II Heroes” Click image for article
Beach Normandy June 6, 2014
The Union – front page 70th Anniversary D-Day article “Nevada County writer in France for 70th anniversary of D-Day”
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Touching the Heart of D-Day February, 2014
FRANCE Today “Touching the Heart of D-Day” Click image for article (PDF)


Reunion, Finding Gilbert Cover Falling In Love Backwards

2014 – Reunion, La Réunion,
Finding Gilbert

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2013 – Falling in Love Backwards



Around the World TV and Radio November 2015
Around the World TV and Radio
“Bracebridge Dinner”
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September 2015
Around the World TV and Radio
“Venturing into the Amazon Rainforest”
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