Writing Coaching

Do you face any of these writing challenges?

  1. You have a writing project that you long to begin.
  2. You have started a project that you can’t seem to complete.
  3. You are full of ideas but lack focus.
  4. You lack the discipline to write every day.

I have successfully helped others to achieve their writing goals and I can help you to move forward with yours. Please contact me to discuss your project and let’s get you, as Thoreau said, moving ‘in the direction of your dreams.’

“Diane is truly are a midwife for inspiration and expression and for putting pen to paper. I am amazed at her gifts of creating an environment of safety which allows our muse to speak.”  – Melanie

Life Coaching

Life coaching helped me to uncover my passion for writing. I now work with a life coach to keep me on track. A Life Coach is someone who can see your greatness and can help you to take the steps needed to manifest it. Let’s talk about how I could assist you in living your dreams. Complimentary first consultation.

“If Diane were a major league baseball player with the same skills she has as a coach, she would be a Hall of Fame outfielder like Joe DiMaggio. She makes catches that are absolutely spectacular, nabbing everything I miss and everything that’s important.”   – Larry Lansburgh

Professional Editing

I teach Creative Writing and have been a professional writer for over 30 years. I can help you to find the heart of your writing and to help you to grow it from there.

Contact me about coaching. Let’s dust off your dreams.
(Complimentary first consultation.)