When Rivers Are Granted Legal Status as Persons

Members of New Zealand’s indigenous Maori tribes have always regarded themselves as part of the universe—at one with and equal to the mountains, rivers, and seas.
On March 15, 2017, after 140 years of negotiation, they helped a long-revered river, the Whanganui, gain “legal status as a person.” This means that polluting or damaging the river—New Zealand’s third longest—is now legally equivalent to harming a human.
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A Glittering Nugget of California’s Past: The Empire Mine in the Sierra Foothills

BATWcover306During the California Gold Rush, miners were said to have declared, “There’s gold in them thar hills.” One hundred and sixty-five years later, there are still plenty of reasons to head for the Sierra foothills.

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Retracing the Steps of Our Personal World War II Heroes

France Today Cover

Tom Brokaw called them “The Greatest Generation,” the brave young men who fought in World War II and the women who supported them behind the scenes at home. My father was in the D-Day invasion and I grew up with his stories of his time in France during the war. I have attended the fiftieth, sixtieth and now the seventieth anniversaries of D-Day in his honour.

For this anniversary, I traveled with World War II veterans and their families and we began our journey in England, just as the soldiers did, then traveled across the channel to France to attend the commemorative event with President Obama and François Hollande, President of France.

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Touching the Heart of D-Day
Diane Covington-Carter Relates Her Father’s Unique Experience of Normandy in 1944

Touching the Heart of D-DayDad was an officer in the Sea Bees, the Civil Engineer Corps of the United States Navy, and I grew up hearing stories about his time in France during the Normandy Invasion. The Sea Bees’ motto was: “we build, we fight” and their mascot, an exuberant looking bee, carried a drill and a gun. My Father spent over four months on the Normandy coast, fi rst building the Navy camp on the cliff above Omaha Beach, then rebuilding bridges and carrying out a number of other reconstruction projects in the surrounding areas. He liked to tell stories about his interactions with the French people during his time in Normandy. He’d studied French in a country high school in South Dakota, where the teacher had never even heard French and stayed one chapter ahead of her students. So Dad’s accent made ‘s’il vous plaît’ sound like ‘silver plate’.

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