Writing classes

“Diane opens the way into my own inner writer. My own words are there for me to discover.”

Helen MacDonald

“Diane Covington has an extraordinary talent for nurturing the group dynamic to hold a space for creativity. This safe, compassionate environment, in turn, is liberating, and forges a direct connection to writing as a self-directed process, especially for those of us with an overtly dominant critical voice within.”

Gabrielle Pullen

“Diane Covington embodies the safe space of caring that opens the sacred door of expression for those of us who have barred our writer’s heart from being bruised and broken.”

Tantra Maat

“Diane is an amazing guide into the journey of yourself, a life-affirming journey.  And oh, by the way, you find your writing voice along the way.”

Maureen Shepard

“Diane is truly are a midwife for inspiration and expression and for putting pen to paper. I am amazed at her gifts of creating an environment of safety which allows our muse to speak.”


“The creative writing class was more than a writing class for me.

I learned about coming from my core and speaking and writing from there.

It became a way to be in my life and has been an opening to a new living standard.
I loved the class and will continue for as long as the classes are available.”

Jeannette Piety

“Your writing class was remarkable for me. Your style of teaching is just what I needed to jump start my desire to write.”

You coax out the timid artist in such a gentle way and anything goes! Except, of course, self criticism. Thank you.”

Nan Okler

Life Coaching:

“If Diane were a major league baseball player with the same skills she has as a coach, she would be a Hall of Fame outfielder like Joe DiMaggio. She makes catches that are absolutely spectacular, nabbing everything I miss and everything that’s important.”

Larry Lansburgh

“Diane has been my coach for over 3 years. Having done over 15 years of transformational work, I can say that Diane is one of the finest coaches on the planet.

Her work is powerful, effective, deep and transformative and has changed my life in countless ways.

My business has since taken off to a greater, new level of expression and I am happier and more fulfilled in my life.

Having Diane behind me is like having a team of cheerleaders.  Her coaching is fun, powerful and inspirational.

Diane, having you as my coach has been one of the biggest gifts in my life.

Thank you for who you are and the enormous difference you have made in my life.”

Mardi Boone